Oncology Massage (OM)

It is thought when you have cancer you can no longer have a massage. This isn’t completely true. You should not have a deep tissue massage, as it can be too strenuous on a frail body to deal with the released toxins from the treatment.

Oncology massage is an adjusted massage using very gentle, slow movements over the skin. Knowledge of the lymphatic system is important to ensure lymph is not moved to areas that cannot handle excess lymph fluid, leading to a possibility of Lymphoedema.

Studies have  shown massage does not cause cancer to spread throughout the body and cancer patients who experience an Oncology Massage have felt their pain level, insomnia and nausea decrease, leading to increased energy, appetite and feeling happier. Patients suffering with chronic pain (other than cancer) have also felt the benefit of reduced pain after Oncology Massage treatments.

For clients going through cancer treatments, we do ask they gain permission from their oncologist for an Oncology Massage.