Sequential Compression Pump

** Oapl Lympha Press is now available in the clinic to trial **

A Sequential Compression Pump is a garment containing chambers that overlap and inflate with air.  As the garment inflates, the external pressure on the limb helps blood circulation and to push lymphatic fluid out of the limb.

Compression pumps are an at-home self-care device, like having Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) on hand when you need it. If at the end of a long day, the hot summer months or after a flight when your limb/s are swollen, you can use the device to help push the fluid out of your limb and improve your blood circulation.  You can use it morning and/or night.

Benefits of Oapl Lympha Press

The Oapl Lympha Press has the option to use a pre and post treatment setting.

The pre-treatment works on your inguinal (leg) or axillar (arm) nodes (very important as they take the fluid from your leg or arm) and the post-treatment allows more work/pressure on a particular area on your leg or arm if needed.  An exclusive feature Oapl offers is the full pant. This garment goes from toes up to the ribs, so fluid from the legs won’t pool at the top of the legs/groin.

If you are wanting to trial the Compression Leg Pump, please bring or wear loose cotton trousers (no zips or buttons) and socks.

For the Arm Sleeve please bring or wear a long sleeve loose top (no zips or buttons).

Using an Oapl Leg Pump