Lymphoedema Treatments

Stage 1 Lymphoedema

"Twelve months after having femoral bypass surgery on my right leg there were no MEDICAL ideas forthcoming on how to reduce the size of what was now a very swollen leg. After talking to a Lymphoedema practitioner I decided to try lymphatic massage – nothing to lose and perhaps something to gain. Huge success – yes I wear a stocking each day but now I have a leg that looks better, definitely feels much better and I can get on with living. Thanks Lisa"

Stage 2 Lymphoedema

"After having put up with the pain and also inconvenience of painful and swollen legs and feet for over two years I was steered in Lisa’s direction . She was very professional in her approach to my condition. The wrapping procedure although it being a nuisance had the desired effect. I now follow instructions, IE Wear the compression stockings deemed appropriate for my condition. I also keep in touch with Lisa so she can monitor my condition and advise of any changes needed."

Stage 4 Lymphoedema

"For the first time in more than four years I can now wear long pants, wear proper shoes and can have a social life. In just a few weeks this treatment changed my whole life."

Remedial and Relaxation Massage


This lady is totally amazing.
I really had some bad ass knots and I am feeling so much better, wonderful massage.
Thank u Lisa O'Shea give her a ring you will not be sorry


Lisa is both professional and genuine.
She truly loves what she does and it shows.
Lisa is the one person I count on when I need a deep sports massage, however she has the techniques and knowledge to also easily with the same hands be as soft as a feather.

Her clients comfort is important and she truly does this out of love for helping others live a better quality of life.

Mrs Swan

I highly recommend Lisa as a massage therapist.
She is very professional, has a great technique and took the time to listen about how my body was feeling.
She then targeted specific problems I was having, making sure I got long term relief.
I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa to family and friends.


Hi Lisa. I can see a physical difference, I can almost see my ankles! Unbelievable!
I can see both legs have gone down the right more than the left. And that tight spot, it's bulging out a little.
They are no where near as painful which is awesome.
Thank you so much can't wait to see how they go with me doing your program and getting more treatments, hopefully my body continues to respond like this.
Thank you so so so much!