Manual Lymphatic Drainage

It is thought Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is massage, but it isn't. Massage is kneading, rolling and stretching the skin, often working deep into the muscle tissue. Manual Lymphatic Drainage requires a gentle, slow moving of hands over the skin working with the flow of the lymphatic system.

Whether you have Primary or Secondary Lymphoedema is it vital that you seek treatment at stage 1 rather than stage 4. The sooner you start treatment, the easier and quicker you will be able to minimise the swelling and reduce the chance of complications to the limb(s).

The initial consultation will involve some or all of the following:

Completing a full history form
Measuring of the affected limb(s)
Manual drainage of the limb(s)*
Compression Bandaging* (3M Coban 2 bandages)
Measuring for compression garment* (Sigvaris)
Exercises for Lymphoedema
Skin care for Lymphoedema
Establish a treatment program going forward

If you have someone with you I am happy to show them (and yourself) how to drain the affected limb(s) to ensure the swelling is minimised. Because Lymphoedema can't be cured, it requires continual care.

Initial visit is $110 (plus bandages if needed),with the consult being 1.5 hours. Follow-up visits will vary depending on what treatment plan is needed.

* This is dependent on the condition of your lymphoedema

Oncology Massage

It is thought when you have cancer (and other chronic disease) you can no longer have a massage. This isn't completely true. You should not have a deep tissue massage as it can be too strenuous on a frail body to deal with the released toxins. Studies are proving massage does not cause cancer to spread throughout the body.

Oncology Massage is an adjusted massage using very gentle, slow movement over the skin working with fascia, rather than muscle tissue.

Knowledge of the lymphatic system is important to ensure lymph isn't being moved to areas that can not handle the fluid, leading to a possibility of lymphoedema.

Studies are showing cancer patients have felt their pain levels, insomnia and nausea decrease, leading to increased energy, appetite and feeling happier, from having an oncology massage.

Price starts from $80 per hour